Adventists at the United Nations

United Nations Liaison Committee – March 22, 2021

This report presented a perspective of the vision of the Seventh-day Adventist Church on the importance of championing religious freedom and the promotion of social, moral, and spiritual values.

This report brought into discussion the impact of COVID-19 on health and education, focusing on the limitations created due to the restrictions during the pandemic that severely affected religious freedom all around the world. It also drew attention to global issues as presented by the United Nations, that may affect human rights and religious freedom in certain countries in the near future.

United Nations Liaison Committee – June 25, 2020

Since 1985, Adventists have been actively engaged in consultation with the United Nations (UN) in the protection and promotion of religious freedom. Throughout the years, we have participated in debates, interactive dialogues, panel discussions, and official meetings with the purpose of advancing concepts such as the development of education, health and non-discrimination, and helping to raise awareness on relevant issues related to Adventist values.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church has a presence in 209 countries and has been an active promoter of religious freedom for more than a century. We recognise the need to champion freedom of conscience and religion as a fundamental human right, in harmony with the instruments of the United Nations.